NI Services - Office Projects

Our design introduces a creative & technical approach while focus on safe, conferrable & aesthetically pleasing spaces for our clients. Moreover, we address the current concerns of the design process, sustainability and adaptive design.

Every project is handled by our professionally-trained and skilled interior designers. All stages of the design process will be illustrated to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.

Our Services:

  • Interior Design
    • Inspirational and creative design.
    • Creation of quality working environment by use of space and colour.
    • State of the art computer technology to visualize design concept (3D Drawing).
  • Construction Management
    • Preparation of design schematics, coast of work, project schedule, tender, documents, liaison between clients and contractors.
    • In house project and site management.
  • Furniture Planning
    • Evaluation of suitable products.
    • Audit and utilization of existing systems.
    • Manufacturer of specialist furniture.